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Brunch – Mom’s spinach quiche

Brunch – Mom’s spinach quiche

Our spinach quiche is made with organic spinach, locally pastured eggs from our backyard and nearby pastures and green chile jack goat cheese from Haystack Mountain Dairy in Longmont, Colorado.

More importantly, more than one customer has said it’s the best quiche they’ve had in their life. Enjoy it with mushrooms or local pastured smoked ham.



* Why pastured?

You are what you eat. And guess what? If you choose to eat meat and dairy, you are what those animals eat too. Did you know that livestock consume 70% of the antibiotics in the US? Similarly, the majority of our grain supply is fed to cattle – which unfortunately they can’t digest, resulting in problems not only for you and your kids but also for the environment. The majority of problems with meat and dairy in our country come from large confined animal feeding operations and industrial agriculture. So we select meat and dairy from local farms that have fed their animals the same healthy greens we serve on our menu.