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New brunch menu – December


Includes your choice of side from the list below

Cinnamon quinoa pancakes - v, gf – $7 for 4 or   $9  for 7 
Ground quinoa flakes, cinnamon, flax seeds and almond milk. Served with your choice of maple sunflower butter or yam coconut butter and spiced berry syrup. Served with cinnamon spiced apples.

Pumpkin amaranth porridge - v, gf – $8   
A creamy blend of amaranth, coconut milk, pumpkin puree and spices served with shredded coconut and spiced apples

Spinach quiche* – gf, nf $10 choose mushroom or smoked ham
A crustless quiche of eggs, spinach, cheeses, spices and your choice of mushrooms or smoked ham.
* Note: Quiches are baked when ordered. Please allow 20 minutes.

SIDES – $3

Mixed green salad – r, v, gf, nf  Cup of soup (ask about today’s choices)
Sauteed greens – v, gf, nf Rosemary roasted potatoes – v, gf, nf
Fruit salad – v, gf, nf Chips and salsa – v, gf, nf


Lentil sloppy joe – v, gf, nf $6
A bowl of slow-cooked lentils, tomatoes, onions and peppers topped with cole slaw and served over your choice of home-made bread.

Thai curry bowl – v, gf $6
Garbanzo beans, potatoes and veggies in a kaffir lime coconut milk curry stew over seasoned millet.

Colorado green chile bowl – v, gf $7
Green chile black bean sauce, cashew cheese, tomatoes and cilantro served over seasoned millet.

Veggie wraps – r, v, gf, nf $7
Sweet bell pepper, daikon radish, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, avocado and sprouts wrapped in blanched greens. Served with your choice of dressing.

Green chile black bean nachos - v, gf – $7
Chips & salsa, topped with green chile black bean sauce, cashew cheese, tomatoes and cilantro

Bowl of soup (ask about today’s choices) – $5

Salad specials (ask about today’s choices)

Dressing choices: balsamic vinaigrette, orange tarragon, mango peach (oil-free) or
ginger tahini (oil-free)

Add-on for $1: goat chevre, green chile jack goat cheese, smoked ham, roasted pastured chicken, home-made bread


Cranberry upside down cake – v - $5
Fresh cranberry caramel atop white cake served with cranberry orange relish.

Chocolate pumpkin mousse – v, gf $5
Pureed pumpkin, cocoa, maple syrup, coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla, topped with chocolate almond milk ganache and shredded coconut.

Molasses macaroons – v - $5
Coconut, molasses, raisin macaroons served with chocolate almond milk ganache and fresh oranges.


Apple pie green smoothie                                                            small – $2, large – $4, with vodka – $6           

Flu-buster green smoothie                                                            small – $2, large – $4, with vodka – $6

Orange juice, spicy tomato juice                                                 small – $2, large – $4

Izze sodas - $3                                                                                    Blackberry, celementine or grapefruit

Ginger beer - $4

Cherry limeade - $4                                                                        Made with real cherries and limes

Fresh fruit spritzer - $4                                                                        Ask your server for today’s choices

Lemonade, coffee, decaf, hot tea or iced tea - $2                        Free refills included


For adult enjoyment only:

Bloody mary, peach bellini or mimosa - $5

Specialty cocktails with fresh fruit purees, herbs, sparkling water and organic spirits - $6
Ask your server for today’s choices

Avery brewing company ales
12 oz cans – Joe’s Pilsner, Ellie’s Brown Ale or India Pale Ale – $5
22 oz bottle – Salvation Belgian Ale –

Cottonwood Creek house white or red - $5 GLASS / $16 BOTTLE  
Made in California with organic grapes

Jack Rabbit Hill biodynamic Chardonnay or Barn Red keg wine - $10 GLASS / $32 CARAFE
Sustainably grown and naturally processed in Colorado’s North Fork River Valley


r = raw; v = vegan; gf = gluten-free; nf = nut-free