Menu – November 13


Roasted beet salad - v, gf, nf – $3/$5
Roasted beets, spinach and red onion tossed in an orange tarragon dressing.

Mixed green salad – r, v, gf, nf  – $3/$5
Mixed greens, cucumbers and tomatoes with your choice of dressing

Soup of the day – $3/$5
Ask your server for details

Chips and salsa – v, gf, nf – $3
Raquelita’s all natural homegrown corn tortilla chips with mom’s slow-cooked salsa



Green chile black bean nachos - v, gf, nf – $6
Chips & salsa, topped with green chile black bean sauce, cashew cheese, tomatoes and cilantro

Lentil sloppy joe – v, gf, nf $6
A bowl of slow-cooked lentils, tomatoes, onions and peppers topped with cole slaw and served over your choice of home-made bread.

Colorado green chile bowl – v, gf $6
Green chile black bean sauce, cashew cheese, tomatoes and cilantro served over a bed of seasoned millet.

Veggie wraps – r, v, gf, nf $7
Sweet bell pepper, daikon radish, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, avocado and sprouts wrapped in blanched greens. Served with your choice of dressing.

Salad of the day – $8
Ask your server for details


Dressing choices: balsamic vinaigrette, oil-free mango peach or ginger tahini dressing

Add-on for $1 to any meal: goat chevre, green chile jack goat cheese, smoked ham, roasted pastured chicken


Chilled apple cobbler – r, v, gf $5
Cinnamon vanilla scented apples with a pecan raisin crumble topped with vanilla cashew cream.

Maple-cranberry frosted harvest spice cake – v, gf $5
Havest spice blended gluten-free flour with apples, bananas and pecans topped with maple-cranberry frosting.

Chocolate pumpkin mousse – v, gf $5
Pureed pumpkin, cocoa, maple syrup, coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla, topped with shredded coconut.


Green smoothie of the day
small –
$2, large – $4, with gluten-free vodka – $6

Izze sodas – v, gf, nf - $3
Blackberry, celementine or grapefruit

Ginger lemonade, coffee, decaf or tea – v, gf, nf - $2
Free refills included

Avery brewing company ales
12 oz cans – Joe’s Pilsner, Ellie’s Brown Ale or India Pale Ale – $5
22 oz bottle – Salvation Belgian Ale –

Cottonwood Creek house white or red - $5 GLASS / $16 BOTTLE  
Made in California with organic grapes

Jack Rabbit Hill biodynamic Chardonnay or Barn Red keg wine - $10 GLASS / $32 CARAFE
Sustainably grown and naturally processed in Colorado’s North Fork River Valley